September 09, 2005

Google Upgrades Driving Up Costs

Have you been noticing your PPC costs going up? With Google's new ad changes, many advertisers are having their once stable campaigns get tossed around more than a young child's playtoy.

Google Ad ChangesWith the new bidding rules, there has been an influx of new advertisers for many keywords. However, as with any other type of competitive marketplace, only the strong will survive. The companies who know what they're doing will slowly get out of the way when they see certain keywords are just not meeting their metrics and the ignorant or stubborn marketers will continue to bid up irrelevant keywords until either they go broke or finally realize they are fighting an unbeatable battle.

Just like with the housing bubble that is on the verge of bursting, the prices will once again fall, however, they will still be higher than they once were still making it more important to analyze and optimize accounts.

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