August 06, 2005

Tools & Guides for SEM/SEO Beginners

There are a number of places to learn about Search Engine Marketing. Below is a list of different websites that can help beginner's learn basic concepts, techniques, and strategies of different areas in SEM.

Paid Search

Google AdWords Learning Center
The learning center has tutorials specifically tailored for AdWords, but the information included in their lessons can be used in all areas of PPC marketing.

Pay Per Click Search Engines - Reviewed offers up to date reviews on most if not all the PPC search engines. Very valuable for the beginner or experienced SEM professional.

Yahoo! Search Marketing
This site has some more information, mostly pertaining to Yahoo! Sponsored Search. This site isn't as in depth as Google's, but still worth a look.

Simple Keyword Selection Tool
This tool from the Overture site allows you to put in a keyword and will give back other similar keywords that were queried in a search. It also shows how many times each keyword has been searched the previous month.

AdWords Keyword Tool
Similar to Yahoo's tool, but may give you other variations that you did not think of. You can also tailor your results for specific languages and countries.

Using Negatives
Learn the basics behind usings negative keywords to enhance your campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Bruce Clay Consultants
This site has lots of great information on search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

26 Steps to Market Your Website
Gives you bare bone essentials for getting traffic to your site. Many steps deal with tips to make your site as friendly and visible as possible to search engines.

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