August 15, 2005

SEM: Its not Just Bid Management

Search engine marketing is being touted as a revolutionary way to advertise and be able to account for each dollar spent and gained.

Search Engine Marketing StrategyCampaigns for many companies can consist of hudreds of thousands of keywords. Many SEMs are either creating their own software to manage these complex campaigns or are using what is available. Most of them are missing the big picture.

To run a successful long term search marketing campaign, strategy is important to have in the mix. There are SEMs who are trying to come up with a fully automated software package to make the decisions for them. While this method can work to keep an account stabalized, it won't grow or maximize an account.

Intelligent companies know the value of the big picture and are always analyzing and setting up the pieces to reach their short and long term goals. What will separate SEMs once the industry plateaus will be the strategy they use with their accounts.

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