August 11, 2005

Search Engine Strategies: Summary, Day Four

Session 1Search Engine Strategies
'Tis The Season
Measuring Success Overview
Organic Listings Forum
Business To Business Tactics
Ad Copy & Landing Page Clinic

Session 2
Shopping Search Tactics
Measuring: The Time Warp
Meet The Crawlers: Submission & Feed Edition
Meet The B2B Search Engines
Link Building Clinic

Session 3
Shopping Search & Merchant Reputations
Measuring Offline Sales & Conversion
My SEM Toolbox
Spanish Language SEM Tactics
Site Clinic

Thank you to Search Engine Roundtable and the few other sources that I linked to for their very comprehensive coverage of SES San Jose 2005.

SES: San Jose 2005
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

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