August 08, 2005

Search Engine Strategies: Summary - Day One

Search Engine StrategiesSearch Engine Strategies started off today in San Jose. Three people from Search Engine Roundtable are covering the sessions and posting them online. Check back each day for updates.

Session 1
Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
Search Algorithms: The Patent Files
Mobile Search
Dealing With Contextual & Other Non-Search Ads
Eye of the Storm: Lessons from Large Search Marketers

Session 2
Search Term Research & Targeting
Searcher Behavior Research Update
Video & Podcast Search
Earning From Search & Contextual Ads
Search Term Research & Targeting
Weird Science: The Next Generation in Media Planning and Buying

Session 3
Search Engine Friendly Design
The Search Landscape
Personalized Search & Search History
Search APIs
Personalized Search & Search History
From Broad to Specific: Capitalizing on vertical search and other niche publishing opportunities

Session 4
Buying Search Engine Advertising
Competitive Research
Vertical Creep Into Regular Results
Partnering With Search Engines
Vox Populi: Understanding the role of consumer-generated content

SES: San Jose 2005
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

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