August 05, 2005

Microsoft's Search Strategy - Copy Copy Them

It looks like MSN Search will be entering the marketplace using Google's expertise. Their new program, MSN Keywords, will have an almost identical format as Google's current AdWords program. It will consist of a 35 character maximum title and 70 character wrapped description. (currently Google uses two description lines with 35 characters on each line)

They will be using their own API system which is necessary to work with the large agencies who have sophisticated bid managing software. There is still no set launch date, but it should go live to the public before March of 2006.

MSN also has a new customizable search engine at which is similar to Google's and Yahoo's. Microsoft has always been great at copying what others do well (Apple, Google), they should think about acquiring Xerox to gain more insight on the duplication business.

Read more on MSN Keywords at Search Engine Watch.

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