August 11, 2005

An Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

There is a fairly good and thorough article on the basics of SEM over at Media Week. Read it if you're brand new to search, it will give you a quick glimpse into the industry of search marketing.

Though the article has a lot of useful information, there are parts I don't agree with.Educational SEM Tutorial

In one part of the article, the writer begins to quote (from a Google rep) how "people walk in the door and then pick up knowledge very, very quickly". While it is true that with the proper training, the basics of search marketing can be learned, to be an expert, or even successful, requires time and experience.

Another part states that MIVA (formerly FindWhat) is part of the "big three". While MIVA is a public company, and can be used for certain campaigns, it by no means should be included with Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing. MIVA is a 2nd tier engine and still provides an excessive amount of fraudulent traffic. Even if the traffic wasn't fraudulent, the volume of traffic that can be generated from them is minimal compared to even AOL, Ask Jeeves, or MSN.

Those two were the biggest parts of the article that struck me as inaccurate. Nevertheless, it is worth a read.

Read the full article.

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