August 02, 2005

Important Google AdWords Delivery Change

Starting today, August 8, AdWords will deliver more impressions for your ads when demand for them is greatest. Until now, the daily budget for AdWords ads has been divided nearly evenly throughout the 24-hour billing day. After this change, Google is going to be more closely matching ad serving to user traffic. In other words, the AdWords system will show your ad more often when demand is higher.

If user demand is steady, the AdWords system will spread your budget evenly across the day, showing your ads as often as your budget allows. If demand for your ad tends to spike during parts of the day (due to user traffic, the nature of your business, or for any other reason) the AdWords system will adjust to deliver more ad impressions at those times, and fewer at other times of the day. This ensures that your ad earns the most effective impressions your budget allows, and helps make sure that your budget is fully utilized each day.

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