August 12, 2005

Get Positive Results with Negatives

How can you increase your CTR, increase targeted leads, decrease CPC,and decrease your spend?

Adding negative keywords to your campaign.

Inside AdWords has a short article with two short tips on finding negative keywords.

- Use the AdWords Keyword Tool - if you see keywords that don't match your site, add them as negatives

- Search the web - use keywords from unrelated sites as negatives

Increase Click Through RateIncrease Click Through Rate: Your total impressions will be reduced, total clicks will be reduced but but by a smaller percentage than impressions. (lowers the denominator in the CTR equation)

Increase Targeted LeadsIncrease Targeted Leads: While your total clicks go down, the clicks you do get will be from users who are more likely to be interested in what you offer.

Decrease Cost Per ClickDecrease Cost Per Click: With an increased CTR, your Quality Score will increase giving you a higher overall rank lowering the total CPC for the same position.

Decrease SpendDecrease Spend: With a lower CPC and slightly less clicks, your total spend will also go down.

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