August 17, 2005

First Steps to Take With New AdWords Changes

First Steps - GoogleOld "on hold" and "in trial" keywords

1. Run a Report to find all "on hold" and "in trial" KWs in your account (use dates prior to August 16)
2. Review all “on hold” or “in trial” keywords
3. Remove any keywords you do not wish to have active
4. Review daily budget and bids to ensure they are properly set

Disabled Keywords
Disabled KWs will be left in all accounts for one month.

1. Review all “disabled” keywords
2. Re-add desired keywords with appropriate max. CPC

All Keywords
(now that changes are in affect)

1. Pull a report for all accounts to show which keywords might be inactive
2. Determine if new min. CPC is within your metrics and adjust accordingly

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