July 21, 2005

Targeting Hispanics? Don't Forget About Europe.

European search engine marketing (SEM) is expected to grow from €856 million in 2004 to three billion euros by 2010 according to "Europe's Search Engine Marketing Forecast, 2004 to 2010" from Forrester Research.

With revenues from search in Europe reaching €1.4 billion this year alone, it isn't difficult to see that in Europe, like in the U.S., search is getting to be big business.

If you think that you're all of a sudden going to have to learn a whole new set of languages to run your campaigns, you shouldn't worry about that yet. It wouldn't hurt, but the biggest growth is in the United Kingdom where they speak English and most Europeans have a good grasp on English any how.

Neverthless, if you are marketing to different countries, you must remember that each country and even each area within a country has their own preferences and traits. So don't forget to make sure your keywords and creatives are targeting the right people.

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