July 25, 2005

Searching for Hispanic customers? Find them at the Search Sites.

With over 14.2 million Hispanic users using the internet and growing, marketers who are trying to target them will need to know where to look. As a short continuation on my previous article, More Hispanics are Shopping - Are you ready?, there are new statistics from Advertising Age in their report, "Hispanic Fact Pack: Annual Guide to Hispanic Advertising & Marketing 2005 Edition".

Hispanic Fact Pack Chart

There are two striking conclusions that can be made from the above chart. Hispanics are flocking to search engines, specifically Yahoo! and Time Warner sites. While Google boasts the largest chunk of the pie nationally, in the Hispanic market seems to like the other big players a lot better. The second conclusion that can be made from the chart shows that Hispanics are spending time shopping online.

Search Engine Roudtable points out that most companies aren't taking the appropriate steps to target these customers. Even the sites that are trying to make their sites or advertisements more Hispanic Friendly, are just translating text between languages and aren't taking the time to make sure proper grammar is used. (Haven't they heard about Chevy's problems with the Nova in Spanish speaking countries back in the day?)

From all the talk about reaching the exploding Hispanic markets, it seems as though most companies want to play but don't think they need to prepare for the big game.

View the entire Hispanic Fact Pack.

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