July 21, 2005

Pay-per-click Speculation Market Soaring

"The number of web sites being opened purely to publish pay-per-click advertising links from the likes of Google Inc and Yahoo Inc is rocketing, according to VeriSign Inc, which runs the .com and .net domain names." - reports the Computer Business Review Online.

Have you ever searched for something, clicked an orgnaic or sponsored link, and get to a page that is just a bunch of Google or Yahoo ads? This is basically what's going on. People are buying up domain names and acting as affiliates for the engines.

While some of these sites do contribute some added value by offering some information to consumers, most either offer very limited or inaccurate information or none at all.

This type of enronish behavior can be detrimental to search engines. Of course, you won't stop searching and it is just an annoyance, but if you remember, popups used to be an annoyance until you got one, two, or more on almost every page you visited.

Who wants to click a link to get to another page of links anyways?

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