July 23, 2005

Nielsen/NetRatings: Search - Quarterly Results in Review

Another quarter has finished and Nielsen/NetRatings have reported statistics for the search engine industry with AOL and Ask Jeeves finishing off with double digit growth.

AOL and Ask Jeeves had the largest percentage increase in searches this past quarter. However, in sheer units, Yahoo doubled and Google tripled the combined number of increased searches for AOL and Ask. MSN was the only large engine to actual post a decrease in the number of searches. Hopefully they'll be able to make corrections or their new PPC program may not turn out very well.

Google commanded almost half of the entire share of searches while Yahoo and MSN had 22% and 12%, respectively.

MSN and AOL both had large percentage gains in the image search segment. Again, as in search, Yahoo's and Google's increase was in multiples of the combined increase for the other two engines.

The actual press release can be found on the NetRatings site, but Danny Sullivan's post digs a bit deeper and provides a much more thorough analysis.

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