July 20, 2005

More Hispanics are Shopping - Are you ready?

Many if not all of the major corporations have been paying more and more attention to the explosively growing Hispanic population in the United States. Now, they are becoming an ever increasing presence on the internet and are looking to spend their money.

There are a number of strategies that can be used to reach these new customers. Each one can be tested in your current campaigns to see what best works for you.

First, you can try to make a whole new campaign for the Hispanic market. Use new spanish in creatives targeted to the tastes of the people who may know their native language better than English.

If you do not want to go and create an entire new campaign, take a look at keywords currently being shown. Some of these keywords could get better results if the ad copy was more targeted towards the Hispanic population. Just changing certain words or phrases can make a huge difference in click through rates.

For each account, analysis and testing will need to be used to see what works best. Once you find what is working, expand on it and optimize the campaign to achieve your goals.

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