July 18, 2005

Just what are Americans searching for these days?

Chris Sherman, Associate Editor at clickz.com breaks down a recent iCrossings report about the search habits of Americans. With over 2,100 respondants, the results can be looked upon as a guide to where advertising dollars will be going, who exactly will be targeted, and information on how best to attract those searchers to your site.

So what are people searching for?

Hobbies - 88%
Directions / Maps - 75%
News - 64%
Shopping - 51%
Entertainment Sites - 47%

What does this mean?

It means that people are using the internet for just about everything. It also means that more money will be put into these areas to advertise to visitors. These ads will need to become more and more targeted as the content on the sites become more specific to the user browsing them. The major engines already have taken big steps to target specific demographics as traditional advertising has done in the past with geo-targeting, content matching, and behavioral targeting.

To view the full report, send an e-mail to search@icrossing.com with your full name, company name and e-mail address.

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