July 26, 2005

How Yahoo Is Becoming the Next Big Media Giant

Yahoo's Brilliant Solution: By figuring out how to make brand advertising work online, Terry Semel is on the verge of creating the 21st century's first media giant.

With numbers like $400 million, being spent online from Chrysler alone, its no wonder why everyone's talking about online marketing. Search engines are probably the most visted sites online and that is exactly where most of the ad dollars are going.

Yahoo has been filling its ranks with seasoned veterans of the advertising industry. Now it wants to use these experienced professionals to turn itself into a goliath in media. At the same time, companies like Google are using tech savvy employees to think of new and many times unorthodox ways of doing business.

The article from Forbes goes into the specifics of what Yahoo! is planning and how they will use their available resources to get there.

Will old methods work in this new technically invigorated industry? Only time will tell, but there most likely will be an increasing divergence of paths between Yahoo and Google in the future.

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