July 20, 2005

Experts React to New AdWords Keyword Status

Just days after Google announced changes to the way a keyword's status is shown, experts have written their thoughts on how to keep from getting overtaken by the new changes.

Greg Ives of KeywordRanking has written a short article highlighting his thoughts on how best to successful work with Google's new status structure.

His key points are:

* alter the structure of the account, campaigns, ad groups and keywords
* alter campaign budgeting
* refine content targeting
* optimize for your max CPC
* select proper keyword matching
* ensure rotation of quality ad text
* proper keyword selection
* build out campaign negative keywords
* implement content website exclusion

While this may be a good plan before the implementation. Before you go turning your entire AdWords account upside-down, it would be better to first see how the new changes affect your account. It could quite possibly be that the changes improve your campaign without any modifications.

Nevertheless, it is always good to be prepared and not have to make changes than to not be prepared and struggle to correct the damage.

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