July 19, 2005

Content Targeting Is Important, and Growing!

At the Ask Jeeves Blog, there are statistics for site/blog feeds and the number of feed/blog articles per month. These statistics can be critical to seeing where the search industry is headed.

With more and more websites (like this one), whether personal or commercial posting information targeted at specific niche groups of people, it can become lucrative to target specific sites or a group of similar sites that attract the same people who buy your products.

Google has already introduced site INclusion in which you can choose specific sites to show content ads on. If you are selling widgets, its only logical to show ads on ilovewidgets.com. However, it is far too difficult to specify each particular website to target.

This is where the engines come in. Each engine has its own partner program to show ads on websites. If you can create an organized and well thought out campaign specifically for content matching, you can increase your impressions on relevant sites, increase your click through rate, and increase your conversions.

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